K Power Global Logistics

We believe KPower Global Logistics has a significant advantage over our competitors because of our diverse expertise, resources, and alliances.

We have a strong local presence having been in transportation and distribution for over 30 years in the Memphis area. KPGL has over 45 employees in the Memphis area with access to over two million square feet of warehouse space that we can grow in and shrink to seasonally.

KPGL has a strong Memphis based team and our West Coast Vice President for this project. We are located in the area near Warner Brothers Corp office for immediate access for implementation and continued support throughout the partnership.

Our companies have a 99% customer retention, long standing clients relationships and a high level of customer service.

Our management teams is committed to ensure our customers expectations are exceeded. We are there 24/7.

Memphis is our home base. We specialize in transportation solutions with our TMS system, and warehousing and distribution.

KPower Global Logistics philosophy provides an extension of your organization with our local team.

Company owners are personally involved in day to day business